Aromatic Firewood: Hickory (50 Bundles)

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Aromatic Firewood: Hickory (50 Bundles)

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Hickory is the god of firewood’s.

Hickory has a very high heat output with a long burn. It lights easily and smells wonderfully. Hickory has a relatively smooth bark so leaves a minimum of dirt and debris behind. Some may find the aroma of Hickory a little strong and if you’re no fan of bacon (which gets is flavor from the hickory used to smoke it) you might not like this wood.

I looooove Hickory and only use hickory to heat my home all winter long.


This is a lot of wood and will keep you warm for many nights of warm fires.

This is a stack of firewood one row of firewood deep, 4′high and 8′long.

If you are familiar with standard shipping pallets, it will form a neat cube of wood on the pallet  4′ high.

This is a lot of wood and will keep you warm for many nights of warm fires.

Price includes delivery and Stacking but NOT STAIRS or other common-sense obstacles.

STAIRS: our guys deliver 500-600 bundles of firewood per day. If every customer had 2 flights of stairs, our guys would be expected to climb the equivalent of the twin towers 5-6 times per day WITH 50Lbs in their hands. This is unreasonable.’
The delivery of firewood up stairs is an additional fee and requires advance notice to allow for additional help and to schedule the additional time required.
Stairs will be charged $1.00/bundle per 12 stair-flight or portion thereof, 1/2 paid in advance, the remainder payable in cash at the time of delivery to the man doing the labor.

Tipping for good service is customary, but not required.


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