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Thanks to some wonderful word of mouth, we are currently receiving more orders than we can deliver. I am working to increase capacity, but prepare for a delivery time of about 2-10 days.

Delivery to Manhattan every Tuesday

Delivery to Brooklyn, Bronx and Westchester every Wednesday/Thursday




aboutPhotoFirewood2 We are proud to provide Firewood from locally felled trees from managed forests -cut, split and packaged by local County residents. Our wood is Heat Treated and Kiln Dried in accordance with and beyond all USDA and DEC guidelines using the most efficient and environmentally friendly wood fired kiln currently available. We provide an environmentally conscious product which will not only prevent the spread of invasive insects but, with the removal of almost all moisture, will burn longer and stronger than other firewood. We hope that our product, along with good friends, good food, and good conversation, will become the catalyst for picture perfect moments and happy memories.