European White Birch (1/2 city Cord)

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European White Birch (1/2 city Cord)

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Product Description

European White Birch is now in stock!

10 Mesh Bags each 1.4 cf or about double the size of our regular bundles and the bags found at hardwood stores and big-box stores alike.

Due to the shorter length, this is a smaller volume than our regular “half city cord”, but will still provide a stack of wood 4 feet high and 4 feet long- enough for many crackling and wonderful smelling fires with sweat, fragrant smoke that your neighbors will thank you for .

This is a similar product to what you might see in Home Depot. The wood is shipped processed by our partner in Estonia who seasons and then kiln-dries the wood before shipping this amazing firewood to us.

The roots of birch trees are what our Great-Grandmother used to make Birch-Beer and later Root-bear and it is this fragrant, sweet-tree that gave my favorite soda its flavor.

This is a beautiful to look at, sweet smelling, spectacularly burning product shipped from over-seas, and then re-dried in our kilns to meet our customers expectations.


Price includes delivery and Stacking but NOT STAIRS or other common-sense obstacles.
Wood may arrive bundled and wrapped or Loose, depending on availability.

STAIRS: our guys deliver 500-600 bundles of firewood per day. If every customer had 2 flights of stairs, our guys would be expected to climb the equivalent of the twin towers 5-6 times per day WITH 50Lbs in their arms.

This is unreasonable.

The delivery of firewood up stairs is an additional fee and requires advance notice to allow for additional help and to schedule the additional time required.
Stairs will be charged $1.00/bundle per 12 stair-flight or portion thereof, 1/2 paid in advance, the remainder payable in cash at the time of delivery to the man doing the labor.


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